Regular Membership

This membership is for those who have completed a Fundamentals Course or experience with barbell workouts:

Standard Membership
Month to Month
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3-Month Contract
Billed Monthly
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6-Month Contract
Billed Monthly
One of the best values for CrossFit you'll find in Oakland!
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What Do Regular Memberships Include?

No limit on class attendance
Pre-Programmed Workouts
Small Class Sizes
In-Class Coaching
Open Gym Workouts
One FREE InBody Scan Every 3 Months

Learn More About Our Regular Membership

We only offer memberships with unlimited access to encourage you to come as much as possible. We recommend 3 to 5 times per week depending on your current fitness level. We want you to see amazing results, and consistency is the only way to do that! We are always happy to put your account on hold for any time you’re out of town for more than a week. If you have specific circumstances which require a more limited membership plan, please contact us.

*Monthly memberships will automatically be set up to auto-renew. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time, but allow a minimum of 7 days notice to ensure that the next month’s transaction does not go through.

Regular Membership Specials

Just Completed A Fundamentals Course? Sign up for a Special Post On-Ramp 3-Month Membership
Upon completion of the On-Ramp, we offer a three month membership at a discounted one-time payment of $525 ($175/month value). We have found that three months of consistent attendance (3-4 times per week) is the “sweet spot” for clients to build a strong foundation and see noticeable results. Sign up, commit to at least 3X per week for three months, and watch yourself get stronger, faster, and fitter!
**This one-time offer is only available to new members who have completed their On-ramp at Grassroots.


For those who have barbell workout experience:

Single Class
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1-Week Unlimited
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Learn More About Drop-Ins

If you are in Oakland for a limited time, we welcome you to drop-in and continue your training with us! Drop-ins must have completed an On-ramp or have experience working out with barbells. Please see the schedule for class availability.

Fundamentals Course

In order to join the group strength and conditioning classes, you’ll need to learn the barbell workout fundamentals. You can do this with one of our two options:

Barbell Basics
One weekend course
For those with busy schedules
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Four small group/private classes over 1-2 weeks
For those who want to spend more time on learning the movements
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Learn More About Barbell Basics

This course consists of two 1.5 hour sessions over one weekend to accommodate those with busy schedules.

Learn the basic lifts in one weekend with our two-day course on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Upon completion, you’ll be ready for strength and conditioning classes!

Learn More About On-Ramp

This course consists of four 1 hour sessions scheduled at times convenient for you. This is intended for those who want to spend more time learning and practicing the movements. Each session includes a workout.

For those with a basic to moderate level of fitness, the on-ramp course is required to learn the foundational movements of barbell workouts. This course is a series of four (4) classes, and teaches safe technique in a private or group environment to prepare you for our classes. The coach for the On-Ramp will guide you through progressions to build new skills and improve upon weaknesses.

Please contact us to schedule an On-Ramp with a coach. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

Community Class

If you are in generally good health and interested in trying our classes, we recommend the community class to determine if the workout structure, exercises, and environment would be a good fit for you.

Single Class
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10-Class Punch Card
10 Classes for the Price of 9
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First Class is FREE: Click to Sign Up

Learn More about the Community Class

For those brand new to our class format, we offer one FREE community class at the following times:

Check back later for when this class is being offered after shelter in place
• –
• –

The community class uses lower skill, light weight exercises so that no prior experience is necessary to participate and enjoy a fun, challenging workout!

Personal Training

For those who want one-on-one training with customized workouts (barbell or non-barbell workouts) for you, we recommend personal training. You can choose a coach and work out a training schedule at your convenience.

Single Training Session
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4 Session Package
$85/session value
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8 Session Package
$80/session value
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12 Session Package
Best Value
$75/session value
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Learn More About Personal Training

We recommend personal training if you need a program completely customized to your individual needs, or if you are an existing member who would like some targeted skill work. This may be the best path for those who are currently dealing with injuries or restrictions that would require significant modifications to exercise, or who want personalized programming to meet specific goals.

For anyone interested in personal training, we start with a complimentary 15 minute evaluation to assess your goals and place you with the appropriate coach and training package. Contact us for more details.