Welcome to Grassroots CrossFit East Bay! This page is intended to help you get accustomed to all the gym has to offer. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email us, call us, or talk to a coach in the gym.

Coming to Class

Come to class a few extra minutes early to get ready.

Each time you come to class, sign in on the iPad by the front door. As long as you have already set up your ZenPlanner account (see below), all you need to do is start typing your name and click on your account when it pops up.

Feel free to drop off your stuff in the cubbies.

The bathrooms can be accessed by the door by the cubbies or in the back of the gym.

There are two showers available for you to use. Try not to leave any of your shower items behind.

The workout is shown on the TV screen in the front of the room.

We have chilled and hot drinking water available in the corner of the gym. Please bring your own water bottle to fill up. If you need a cup, ask a coach and he or she can provide one for you.


ZenPlanner is a software we use to manage everyone’s membership. 

To manage your account, you can go to our website, https://eastbay.grassrootscrossfit.com and click on “Current Members” at the top and then “Grassroots Account”. The account management link is a link to ZenPlanner. Here, you can update your billing information and your membership.


SugarWOD self proclaims itself as “The #1 workout app for athletes.” Download the app to your phone or use it in your browser. Once you create an account, join our box by typing in “Grassroots CrossFit East Bay” and use our access code: 15129

All of the workouts of the day (WODs) are posted on SugarWOD (click on the circle at the bottom left of your screen). You can track your workouts and progress on the app. To learn about all of the features of SugarWOD, visit SugarWOD’s website.

Nutrition Products Available for Purchase

We have a variety of nutrition products available for purchase off to the side. These include protein powder, recovery products, RX Bars, and RX FitAid drinks. We use the honor system. There is a form on the top of the shelves in which you can put your name and what you are purchasing. Periodically, we’ll go through the list and run the amount to charge on your payment method through ZenPlanner.

Additionally, we have an agreement with Territory Foods in which you can order from them directly and have it delivered to the gym. You’ll find your food in the fridge by the water dispenser.