Kris Bates

•   CrossFit Level Two Trainer
•   MovNat Level Two Certified Trainer
•   USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
•   CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
•   CrossFit Strongman Trainer
•   CrossFit Endurance Trainer
•   CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
•   CPR and First Aid Certified

My passion for athleticism was fostered as a teen, when I joined my high school Water Polo and Swim teams. It was during these years I discovered the meaning of “intensity,” and how it could produce rapid changes in physical and mental capacity. Our coaches led us to many league victories and CIF tournaments.

Throughout college and into my professional career, I continued to train, incorporating running, weightlifting, rock climbing, swimming, and yoga to my routine. During this time, I grew interested in nutrition and how a holistic approach to food could enhance physical performance. I took numerous nutrition classes and became increasingly concerned with the harmful effects of processing, chemicals, pesticides, and hormones in our food.

I discovered CrossFit in 2010 and have never looked back! Coupled with a sound nutrition program, no other program out there can produce such rapid, measurable changes in both body composition and overall fitness. The intensity of the workouts and camaraderie of the community are unparalleled in motivating and promoting development.

My goal at Grassroots CrossFit is to safely take our members to new heights in their physical capacities, regardless of their age or experience. I believe that mind, body, and spirit are interconnected; should one fail, the others will follow. With that in mind, I hope to coach the community of Oakland to a happier, healthier life through our programming and methodology.


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