Find your partner this Valentines Day and join us for our Heavy Hearts Partner Throwdown where you’ll compete in challenging partner workouts that test your fitness.

$100 per two-person team
(includes two T-shirts if registered before Feb 1)

Open-Heart (Rx)
(more info below)

Competition Location:
Grassroots CrossFit East Bay
66 Franklin Street 100b
Oakland, CA 94607

Saturday February 15, 2020
8:00am-9:00am Registration and warm-up
9:00am Start Time


8:00-8:45 Open gym for Check in / Waivers, Warm-up 
8:45-9:00 Brief Standards for WOD #1 
9:00-10:15 WOD #1 Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4 
10:15-10:30 Set up WOD #2
10:30-10:45 Brief Standards
10:45-12:00 WOD #2  Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4
12:00-12:15 Set up WOD #3
12:15-12:30  Brief WOD #3
12:30-1:45 WOD #3 Heat 1, Heat 2, Heat 3, Heat 4
1:45-2:00 Tabulate scores – announce top 5 teams
2:00-2:15 Final Event 
2:15-2:30 Announce Podium Winners – Give Prizes!!!

Workout Information

Total of three workouts plus finals (Up to six teams per heat)

Movements (Open-Heart [Rx])

Step Ups/Step Overs
Pull ups
Toes to Bar
Wall Balls 20/14
DB Snatches 50/35
Thrusters 95/65
Deadlifts 225/155
Power Cleans 135/95

Workout 1: “Date Gone Bad”

For Reps:
2 Rounds
2 Min. Thruster 95/65
2 Min. Pull up
2 Min. Assault Bike Calories

*Rotate in as needed/desired
*Cannot touch barbell or pull up bar until partner has let go
*1 Bike per team (select a seat height that works for both people to best of ability or adjust as needed)
*Chin over bar pull up (kipping and butterfly allowed)
Thruster must include full depth squat below parallel and head through at top
*Calories will be counted based on what is showing at end of 2 minutes on clock regardless of if more tick after

Workout 2: “Never Let Me Go”

For Time: Complete 100 DB Snatches and 100 Burpees Over Bar (Lateral)

Partner 1 Holds Axle Deadlift (185/135) while
Partner 2 Completes DB Snatch (50/35)
Mandatory Switch each time someone drops Deadlift Bar

Partner 1 Holds Overhead Axle Hold (strip off weight to 95/65)
Partner 2 Completes Burpees
Mandatory Switch each time someone drops axle

*Person must have axle in ready position (top of deadlift or overhead) prior to partner performing snatches or burpees
*Knees must be locked on deadlift
*Any grip is permitted
*Any drop is a required switch
*Snatches may switch hands anywhere below face
*Both heads of db must touch floor

Workout 3: “Box of Chocolates”

To be revealed at the event. “My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.'”

Finals Workout: “Unbroken Heart”

To be revealed at the event.