Grassroots Difference

Our goal at Grassroots is for everyone who enters our doors to feel welcome and leave feeling even better than when they came in. We aim to provide the best gym experience possible through our caring community, purposeful programming, and supportive staff. We believe in emphasizing technique and proper form prior to adding intensity. In addition, we have a class schedule that can accommodate our members’ busy lifestyles. We can’t wait for you to see the Grassroots difference!

Community: We are lucky to be a part of an amazing community at Grassroots that supports each other both inside and outside the gym. In addition to training together, our members love getting together at BBQs, fundraisers, baseball games, and other events. Many of our members have developed lasting friendships with one another. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive community.

Programming: While our workouts are constantly varied, they aren’t random; our strength and skill work follow planned progressions and have a specific purpose each day. This gives you the chance to build and improve week after week. Many of our cycles involve pre-testing and retesting of workouts or movements so you can track your improvement. We carefully plan our conditioning to vary in time domain, structure, and modality, and we put thought into every detail. Our daily recommended accessory work helps to correct imbalances and strengthen stabilizing muscles. Through this multi-faceted approach, you’ll get better and see progress faster. The best part is that our workouts can be customized and modified for everyone!

Staff: Our coaches come from diverse athletic backgrounds and are dedicated to helping you move better, get stronger, and become fitter. We offer our staff the chance to obtain additional certifications and we provide training and support for new instructors. We also partner with nutritionists, physical therapists, and other professionals to give you a wide range of expertise. Our goal is your holistic health and well-being.

Emphasis on Technique:  We strongly believe in following the CrossFit methodology of starting with proper technique, then building consistency, and finally adding intensity. Our coaches won’t pressure you to do too much too fast. We would rather see you moving well than moving quickly. When it’s clear that you’ve got a solid grasp of the movements, we’re happy to encourage you to challenge yourself appropriately. While there is inherent risk in all activity, keeping our members safe is our number one priority.