This membership is for those who have completed a Fundamentals Course or have learned the basics elsewhere:

Regular Membership Rate:
$219 / month* for month to month
$597 for 3 months ($199 / month)*
$1,110 for 6 months ($185 / month)*

Police, Fire, & Military Discounted Monthly Membership Rate: $199 / month*
Membership NOT available online. Please contact us with your military/service ID to sign up.

This membership includes:
No limit on class attendance
Pre-Programmed CrossFit Workouts
In-Class Coaching
Open Gym Workouts
One FREE InBody Scan Every 3 Months
1x/Week Free Drop-In at the Grassroots Berkeley Location.
(Please contact us to set up the drop-in)

We only offer memberships with unlimited access to encourage you to come as much as possible. We recommend 3 to 5 times per week depending on your current fitness level. We want you to see amazing results, and consistency is the only way to do that! We are always happy to put your account on hold for any time you’re out of town for more than a week. If you have specific circumstances which require a more limited membership plan, please contact us.

*Monthly memberships will automatically be set up to auto-renew. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time, but allow a minimum of 7 days notice to ensure that the next month’s transaction does not go through.

Special Post-On-Ramp Rate**

Upon completion of the On-Ramp, we offer a three month membership at a discounted one-time payment of $525 ($175/month value). We have found that three months of consistent attendance (3-4 times per week) is the “sweet spot” for clients to build a strong foundation and see noticeable results. Sign up, commit to at least 3X per week for three months, and watch yourself get stronger, faster, and fitter!

**This one-time offer is only available to new members who have completed their On-ramp at Grassroots.