Beginning CrossFit:

CrossFit beginners are those with little to no prior CrossFit training. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help on your CrossFit journey:

What is CrossFit?

Our approach is to return “back to our roots” and explore the functional fitness our ancestors would have needed for survival.

On any given day, a workout might consist of running, rowing, throwing, jumping, pushing, pulling, climbing, lifting, crawling, or any of a myriad of natural exercises. These movements incorporate the entire body and prepare our members for the rigors of everyday life. The result is a measurable change in fitness, performance, and body composition. The best part is—it’s fun!

We foster a community of supportive fitness enthusiasts who often become lifelong friends. Members are encouraged to cheer one another along and push each other to greater heights. Our gym is a judgment free zone, and our staff and members are excited to welcome you no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

While we will seek to push you beyond your comfort zone, safety is our first priority. As you grow in skill and capabilities, our trainers will work with you to expand your repertoire of movements.

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How Do I Begin?

For those brand new to CrossFit, we offer a FREE community class . The community class uses lower skill, light weight exercises so that no prior experience is necessary to participate and enjoy a fun, challenging workout!

If you are in generally good health and interested in trying CrossFit, we recommend the community class to determine if the workout structure, exercises, and environment would be a good fit for you. 

The first class is free, and additional community classes are just $10 per session. This class can fill up, so please reserve your class time in advance. 

From there, we offer a few different options to begin your CrossFit journey with us. You can choose one of the following paths to get you trained to be ready for the group CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD):

On-Ramp Group Course

For those with a basic to moderate level of fitness, the on-ramp group course is required to learn the foundational movements of CrossFit. This course is a series of six (6) classes over two weeks, and teaches safe technique in a group environment to prepare you for CrossFit classes. Completion of the On-Ramp is necessary to join CrossFit classes. The coach for the On-Ramp will guide you through progressions to build new skills and improve upon weaknesses.

The current On-Ramp group course offerings are available on the sign up page. We highly recommend registering in advance to reserve your spot!

  • On-Ramp (6) Six Classes Group Series – $225

If you need to miss a class, you are required to schedule a private make-up session for an additional $50 to go over what you missed. Additional sessions will be charged at personal training rates.

*Please note that due to the holidays, there will be no group On-ramp for December. If you’d like to get started with us, please contact us and we can try and pair you up with others for semi-private sessions

Private and Semi-Private On-Ramp Course

If you have missed the start date for the On-ramp or are unable to attend at the scheduled class times, you may schedule a private On-ramp at your convenience. We offer private sessions for one person, or we can accommodate up to three at a time in a semi-private session. Grab a friend or two and save on the cost!

  • One-on-one Private On-Ramp – $390 for 6 sessions
  • Two-on-one Private On-Ramp* – $300 per person ($600 total) for 6 sessions
  • Three or more Private On-Ramp* – $240 per person ($720 total) for 6 sessions

* Please contact us prior to signing up, so that we can determine the size of your group and find a coach available at your preferred times. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to go to our sign-up page

What’s Next After On-Ramp?

Upon completion of the On-ramp, you can continue to improve your fitness by joining our group CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD). The group WOD is offered at various hours and accommodates all levels of fitness. The coach will lead you through the warm-up, any skill practice or strength work, conditioning, and accessory work. Please arrive on time and stay throughout the entire class to show your support for other members!

Additionally, we offer a one-time only special discounted member rate for a limited time for those that complete the Grassroots On-Ramp. We have found that three months of consistent attendance (3-4 times per week) is the “sweet spot” for clients to build a strong foundation and see noticeable results. Sign up, commit to at least 3X per week for three months, and watch yourself get stronger, faster, and fitter!

The workouts are prescribed for the elite athlete and should be appropriately scaled to each athlete’s ability to ensure the safety and efficiency of the program. There is a high learning curve for the movements in CrossFit; spend the time to work on mastering your form at lighter weights before adding intensity.

Additionally, we offer a variety of specialty classes to help improve flexibility, strength, technique, and other areas of fitness, all included in the cost of your group membership. Please check our schedule for more information!

*This one-time offer is only available to new members who have completed their On-ramp at Grassroots. 

Want to Learn More?

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