Alex Chretien

• CrossFit Level One Trainer
• CPR and First Aid Certified

Alex is currently studying to become an Occupational Therapist at Dominican University of California here in San Rafael. Having recently relocated back to the SF Bay Area from beautiful British Columbia in Canada, Alex is a born and raised East Bay girl having grown up in Berkeley. Although she played soccer and dabbled in swimming, health, wellness and fitness didnʼt come to her until she joined the military. Having to maintain physical fitness standard while in the military, Alex was drawn to running and learning about nutrition, however after many deployments and the military lifestyle of ‘work hard, play hardʼ, Alex gained a significant amount of weight, topping out at 220lbs. It was that moment that she decided to take charge of her health and start a fitness regime but it wouldnʼt be until she found CrossFit that the real success of balancing health and wellness would happen.

Alex discovered CrossFit in 2010 after moving to Canada to marry her wife and it was then the fire was lit and a long and beautiful journey would begin with the sport of fitness. Initially at first, CrossFit was intended to ‘get in shapeʼ but the longer she did it she realized that a she could in fact get stronger, do a pull-up, run faster and see the measurable results. After receiving her CF-L1 in 2011, she decided to pursue to more competitive aspect to the sport and started her journey to learning about strength and conditioning and olympic lifting and how it can be best utilized to train someone in pursuit of athletic goals. After 3 years of not only honing her craft in coaching she finally made it to regionals in 2014 as an individual. The following years had just as many successes at every level of the sport such as:

• Various podium or top 10 finishes at local comps 2014 – 2016
• BC Weightlifting Masters 2nd place in 69kg class – 2016
• BC Weightlifting Provincial Championship 2nd place 75kg class – 2016
• Canwest Games 35-39 Masters, 2nd place – 2016
• Canwest Games 35-39 Masters, 6th place – 2017
• BSc Sport, Health and Exercise Physiology
• International Functional Fitness Championship, 7th place – 2017
• Canadian Functional Fitness National Championship, Masters, 1st Place – 2018

Competing and coaching are not only Alexʼs passion but so is passing on the knowledge of learning how to move properly and efficiently. Alex believes in training smart, working hard and being humble to the process. Fitness, health and life long wellness are keys to living to a long and happy life.

Alex is a great resource for programming and any questions you may have about fitness, nutrition or simply being able to reclaim the life you see for yourself using physical activity as the driving force.

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