Building off of our last cycle, our focus will now be on “Moore,” a lesser known Hero WOD (named after Officer David Moore of the Indianapolis Police Department) with a longer time domain. “Moore” is a 20 min AMRAP consisting of: 

1 Rope Climb

Run 400m

Max Reps Handstand Push-ups

Those who got their very first rope climbs last cycle will have the chance to practice in a less demanding environment when they tackle this workout. For athletes who already have strong rope climbs, we’ll be varying up our pulling this cycle to further build your grip and strengthen your back and arms in new ways. 

As running is a key component of “Moore”, expect to see more running incorporated into workouts. This will be through both running paired with other movements as well as more standalone running intervals. Don’t skip these days! They are a great opportunity to build your stamina and conditioning. If you hate running, this is a great time to work on a weakness.

Of course, the true test of this workout comes from the handstand push-ups. Your pushing strength should be feeling good after lots of strict pressing and thrusters last cycle, so we’ll now be working on transferring that power from moving an object to moving your own body. We’ll work on both strict and kipping work, so that you can get stronger as well as more efficient. Those of you who don’t have HSPU will work on push-ups during this cycle. 

Expect to work on dynamic movements, such as snatch and jerks, in our barbell work. As we get later in the year, this will be an overall trend in our cycles; taking the raw stability and strength we built in the earlier part of the year and transferring it over to olympic lifting. That doesn’t mean we’ll abandon the basic strength lifts entirely, but we will be working on explosive lifts a lot more often. 

As we’ll be on the wrists a lot during this cycle, spend some extra time stretching them beyond the class warm-ups. Some TLC to your ankles, calves, hips, and shoulders is also a good idea. In addition, know your limits during our practice sessions and do your best to stay in control during the negative component of the push-up or HSPU. Those little extra measures before, during, and after the WOD each day will help ensure you see progress and stay injury-free. 

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