We knew it was coming….17.4 is a repeat of 16.4: 55 reps of deadlifts, wallballs, rowing cals, and HSPU. If you did this last year, hopefully you know what to expect and you’re ready with a game plan! Check your score from last year by going to the games.crossfit.com leaderboard and searching for your name under 2016. Let’s get some PRs on this workout!!

As always, we highly recommend looking at the movement standards before arriving at the gym, ESPECIALLY if you plan on attempting the handstand push-ups, because the tape line can be tricky. You can find the standards and rules here:  https://games.crossfit.com/workouts/open/2017/17.4

We will be running this workout in 20 minute intervals once more, with 5 people per heat (due to there being 5 total rowers). Please let us know if you will be performing the workout RX or scaled, as we will need to determine spacing for the handstand push-ups and wall balls each round. You can sign up via the link below: 


Photo courtesy of CrossFit,com