You thought we’d seen the end of the dumbbell after last week, didn’t you? Well, you thought wrong! 17.2 brings back the dumbbell for another whirl (and we’d bet money it’s not the last time this year). Luckily, we practiced every movement in 17.2 during this week’s programming: lunges, toes to bar, DB cleans, and bar muscle-ups!! For the movement standards and full workout details, go to the link below. NOTE: Please familiarize yourself with the standards BEFORE coming on Saturday. We will review and clarify standards but you should check out the video and descriptions first so you know what to expect.

To sign up for a heat on Saturday, please use the link below to access the roster. Please note that any spot in red is designated as RX. Any RX spots not taken by Friday at 10pm may be claimed by those performing the workouts scaled.

We’re looking forward to seeing some first bar muscle ups (and pull-ups) this Saturday!!!

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