“A pyramid is only as big as it’s base.” -Louis Simmons, Westside Barbell

Now that the Open is officially over for 2016, our goal at Grassroots is to begin laying the foundations for a solid year of gains. Over the next few weeks, you can expect to see more volume in our strength and skill programming. The purpose of this is to build muscle and strengthen joints and tendons, which will aid in injury prevention when we shift back to heavier loads.

In addition, we will be shifting the focus away from kipping movements, which are a staple in the open, and focusing instead on strict gymnastics strength. There will be an emphasis on controlling your body weight without momentum, engaging the scapula, appropriately tightening and bracing your core, and stabilizing as you push and pull.

To get more volume in, expect to see supersets of opposing muscle groups, burnout work, and isolation exercises. You can also expect the return of some longer conditioning workouts to help build aerobic capacity. Because volume is always taxing on the body, be sure to take at least 2 rest days per week (or one rest day plus an active recovery day), eat well, mobilize, and get plenty of sleep.
Let’s hit this cycle hard and build a big base for a great 2016!

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