For the next few cycles, we’ll use benchmark workouts as a way to focus our training for a period of time. The benchmark will serve as one way to measure our progress during the month, as we’ll test it at both the beginning and end of the period to note improvement. We will continue to follow linear progressions for our strength work during the cycle and to test our lifts at the end of the cycle as well.

This month, our focus benchmark will be “HELEN” (3 Rounds of 400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings 53/35, 12 Pull ups). Our strength work will be focus on CLEANS, BOX SQUATS, STRICT PRESSES, and PUSH PRESSES. 

During the month, expect to see focused skill work on sprints, kettlebells, and pull up strength and technique work, as well as grip strength building. This workout is typically in the 8-12 minute range, so we’ll target our conditioning to be able to push hard for this duration. Some of the accessory work will also target the muscle groups you’ll need to develop to improve your performance on these skills. For example, we’ll target the lats and biceps for pull up strength. You’ll still see plenty of WODs of varying lengths, with a variety of movements, just a little added practice in these areas. 

The general template for our training this cycle is as follows:


Tuesday/Thursday: SKILL + CONDITIONING + ACCESSORY   (One of these days will include an Endurance WOD–developing sustained conditioning for longer periods of time). 

Typically, after learning how to do the accessory work, you’ll be expected to complete the accessory work on your own, unless the main work for the day is completed early. Suggested areas for rolling/stretching will be noted on the board as well. These are recommendations for areas of the body that deserve some attention after the day’s work in order to prevent injury and improve recovery. Please allow time for these as often as possible to maximize performance.

Hope to see you Monday to establish your baseline time for “HELEN,” and feel free to come in during Open Gym time to make this workout up during the week if you miss the workout. 

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