The CrossFit Open is upon us! The first CrossFit open announcement will take place on Thursday, February 26th at 5:00pm. This announcement will kick off a five week, worldwide competition that allows CrossFitters to compare their results with more than 200,000 athletes. Every Thursday a new workout will be announced. Participants have until Monday at 5:00pm to perform the workout in the presence of a judge, who will officiate movement standards and total reps, and submit their scores. It’s a great chance to see how you have progressed each year, to challenge yourself in new ways, and to share in the energy, excitement, and commeraderie of the event with your team. 

This year, Grassroots will be hosting a “Friday Night Lights” CrossFit Open party every Friday evening. We will be replacing the 6:45pm class on Friday with a chance to “throw down” with all of your fellow Team GRCFers and support one another during the event. From 6:30pm-7:00pm, we will have a sign-up sheet for heats and we will set up the stations for the workout and select judges. It is recommended that participants begin their warm-up during this time to adequately prepare themselves for the competition. At 7:00pm sharp, we will begin the heats. We anticipate the competition ending by 9:00pm, depending on the workout lengths and attendance. We encourage everyone to stick around to cheer on others, bring snacks/drinks, and socialize. 

For the first time this year, the CrossFit Open will allow you to choose between an “RX” and “Scaled” version of the workout. Performing the workout scaled will still count toward your score and allow you to see how you stack up among others worldwide. You can choose whether to perform the workout RX or scaled each week, so we encourage all ability levels to sign up for the event. You can register here:

When you register, be sure to select “Grassroots CrossFit” as your affiliate and “Team GRCF” as your team. Our team score is made up of the top 3 male and top 3 female scores each week, so you can only help the team. Low scores do not impact our team’s weekly score. We’re hoping to see you all there! 

*If anyone cannot attend on Friday nights or wants to repeat a workout, they will need to plan a time with a qualified judge at another time between Thursday and Monday. Please try your best NOT to interfere with regular class times to complete your open workouts. We encourage participants to rest the day before they plan on completing the open workout so they can give it their best effort.