As you know, last week we did testing to wrap up our gymnastics focus. We are shifting gears this week, and our new focus will coincide with a shift in the daily programming template. For the next 8 weeks, we will be incorporating a core focus, which will involve accessory work focused on strengthening the abs, lower back, and overall stability through the midline. We will work bodyline movements including handstands, planks, bridges, etc., hollow and arch positions, as well as sit ups, v-ups, rocks, toes to bar, back extensions, and more. We hope you enjoy getting a little extra midline work in the mix!


For our daily workout structure, we previously had barbell strength days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, followed by short metcons. Longer conditioning work was on Wednesdays and Saturdays. For our new cycle, we will be doing barbell strength work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, followed by conditioning. We will include skill work followed by typically longer conditioning or interval work on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If you are a strength-focused athlete (you are ALL athletes), you should aim to prioritize M/W/F, and if you need a rest day, take it on Tuesday or Thursday. The main programming is built around the Mon-Fri schedule, but based on your individual goals, please take advantage of Olympic Lifting class on Saturdays, Kettlebell Club and Mobility on Sundays, and Yoga on Tuesdays. Or, come in during Open Gym times to practice your skills.


Our folks who want a little more workout than we can fit into the daily hour-long class can take advantage of Team Training. TeamGRCF will be starting The Barbell WOD this week. This is a 3 day a week strength program designed by Cal Strength, a top-notch weightlifting facility located in San Ramon. The Barbell WOD program will include 2-3 main lifts (strength work) to be done IN PLACE of the regular class’s strength work on Mon/Wed/Fri. Team Training folks will then jump into the WOD if they want some conditioning work. There is also optional accessory work to be done ideally before the WOD, but after if you don’t have enough time prior to the class starting the workout. This work usually only takes about 10-15 minutes, so please allow plenty of time on Mon/Wed/Fri to complete your work. If you arrive 20-30 minutes before the class starts, you should be able to complete the Barbell WOD work within an hour, which would allow you to jump into the WOD. If anyone would like to use the Barbell WOD website/app for tracking results, using the leaderboard and comment section to interact with others following the program and those running it, please go to to create an account. The cost is $99 for a year or $10/month for access to these resources. You can ask questions anytime in the comments, and Dave Spitz, owner of Cal Strength is very responsive. This is a great value to have the entire program and resources available to aid you in your training. On TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS there is NO EXTRA team training work. Please attend the regular classes to get your skill work and conditioning on these days. Consider these your shorter days. We will incorporate gymnastics and other skills on these days so you can keep progressing in these areas. Please record your results on the TeamGRCF whiteboard so we can see who is participating and how your workouts are going!

Please send any questions to us at the contact link below, and HAPPY TRAINING!!!

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