Every weekday for the months of August and September, your warm-up will include a special focus: strict gymnastics work!

Gymnastics skills such as pull ups, dips, muscle ups, pistols, and handstand push ups take time and frequent practice to develop. We encourage you to spend time before/after class practicing any skill work with which you want to see quicker progress. Over the next two months, we will be building in skill and strength work with a gymnastics focus into your warm-ups. These will be in addition to your general warm-up for the day’s workout. Here are the movements we will be practicing:MONDAY: Bent arm chin hold 15-60 sec. (foot assist if needed), bar hang 15-60 sec., 2×10 strict pull ups (sub foot-assisted with barbell), 2×10 pistols (negative w/hand-assist, rolling, or to a box)

TUESDAY: Handstand hold 20-60sec., 2×5-10 strict HSPU (up to 2 pads, neg., neg. to 2 pads, or standard push up)

WEDNESDAY: 15-60sec. False grip hold (w/foot assist if needed), 2×2-5 strict muscle ups (neg., false grip pull up or false grip ring row)

THURSDAY: Ring support hold 15-60sec., bottom of dip hold 15-60sec., 2×10 strict ring dips (foot-assisted)

FRIDAY: 3 Strict rope climbs (sub 3×5 strict pull ups OR 3×3 pull up negatives), 3×3-8 strict HSPU (pads, neg., push up)

Please keep us posted on your progress throughout this cycle! 

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