Our new Team Training program is for those who wish to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit or to accelerate their progress with more lifting and skill work each day. The new structure begins this Monday, June 30th, but you can opt in at any time (please let a coach know you’ll be participating). This program is for intermediate/advanced athletes who wish to spend between 1.5-2 hours training most days of the week. This program is NOT for beginners or those whose goal is fitness–the focus will be on performance and preparation for competitions.

This program will be an add-on to the regular classes. Our goal is to get everyone working with the daily classes while incorporating more volume and skill work. The additional work will take approximately 30 minutes extra prior to class, and the optional core and accessory work will take 5-15 min. after class. Participants may add in the extra work when they feel able to, and opt out when they need additional recovery. If a day is missed, we recommend just skipping it and moving on with the next day’s program.

If you’re interested, you don’t need to start Monday, that is just the first day we’ll be posting the program at the gym for those who would like to get started. Be prepared to handle more volume, and listen to your body. If you need to build up slowly or not do the work every day, start out just adding in the accessory work and then maybe one or two days of the pre-workout tasks.

It is highly recommended that participants attend the Olympic Lifting classes on Saturdays as often as possible to have their form checked so they do not develop bad habits during their individual work throughout the week.

The recommended weekly structure for participants will be:

Sunday: REST

Monday: Olympic Lifting Add-on, Strength & Metcon (daily class), Accessory Add-on

Tuesday: Gymnastics Skills & Strength Add-on, Strength & Metcon (daily class), Core Add-on

Wednesday: Active Recovery (daily class conditioning at low intensity, mobility, light run or row, etc.)

Thursday: Olympic Lifting Add-on, Strength & Metcon (daily class), Accessory Add-on

Friday: Gymnastics Skills & Strength Add-on, Strength & Metcon (daily class), Core Add-on

Saturday: Olympic Lifting Class (11am-Noon), Followed by Metcon/Benchmark

For the regular gym program, we’ll continue to incorporate two heavy (max effort) lifting days per week, two lighter speed lift days (dynamic effort), with metcons following each lift. (Team Training participants will do these as well as their add-ons.) Wednesdays and Saturdays will continue to be longer conditioning days for the main program, and Sundays are recommended as active recovery days (yoga, skill work, mobility class, etc.). Team Training participants should adjust these days based on the recommended template above.

In planning your time, we recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to the class you’d like to attend. Warm up for 15 minutes (arrive earlier if you know you need more warm-up), add-on work 30 minutes, jump into the class for strength and metcon, and stay for accessory/core work. You will already be warm, so while the class is doing their warm-up during the first 15 minutes, you’ll be completing your program. It is your responsibility to be ready to join the class when the strength portion starts and to NOT hold up the class. 

Anyone doing the add-on work should do their best to stay off to the side or in the back to allow space for the regular classes going on. If you’re working out together, try sharing your bar/equipment as needed and be courteous and quiet so as not to disturb coaches giving instruction to their class.

Please email us or let one of the coaches know if you are planning to jump into the Team Training program! Look for the workout on the small whiteboard and please record your results if you complete the work, as your progress helps us plan and provides us feedback. Let’s get training, GRCF!

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