We’d like to keep the gym a bit cleaner and more organized than we’ve seen it recently, so we thought we’d share a few reminders about how we can all help do our part to ensure that the gym is a comfortable place to spend your time.

1) When finished with a workout, check to make sure you’ve put away all of your equipment including bands, poker chips for counting, foam rollers, etc. (If you feel like being extra friendly, help your neighbors put away their stuff too!) Also, make sure they’re put in the correct spots. Weights, med balls, jump ropes, bands, barbells, and kettlebells are all organized by size. It makes it easier to find the correct size if we keep them that way.

2) If you sweat, bleed, spit, spill chalk etc., please wipe down your dirtied equipment with some cleaner and paper towels (we’ll have more wipes in soon) so that it’s ready for the next person to use. Please no purposely writing in chalk on any surfaces in the gym.

3) Take your belongings home with you when you’re done working out. (Exception: shoes can be placed in the shoe cubbies in the front of the room). Leave the large cubbies empty for the next group that comes in.

4) If you use the last of the toilet paper, paper towels, seat covers, etc., please check under the sink for refills or notify a coach.

Thank you all for your help in keeping the gym tidy!

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