Welcome to Balance & Stability Month! This month we’ll be incorporating warm-ups geared toward working your stabilizing muscles and your balance and coordination. This month you’ll see more single arm and single leg movements, shoulder and midline stabilization, gymnastics, kettlebell, and dumbbell work. Each day of the week will include a different area of focus, and each week you’ll repeat those movements aiming to improve a little each time.

On Mondays, we’ll focus on kettlebell work. Movements like the Turkish Get-up, waiter’s walk, single arm swings, and russian twists require both shoulder and midline stability as well as balance. These movements also make great warm-ups.

On Tuesdays, we’ll use dumbbells to put your balance to the test with one sided lower body movements such as the split squat, single leg deadlift, and single leg box box jump. Remember that unilateral movements are fantastic ways to challenge the body and keep both sides working equally.

On Wednesdays, we’ll spend time on the rings, which are one of the best tools for stability work. Expect to see some ring holds, push ups, dips, and L-sits!

On Thursdays, we’ll play with the slosh pipes, another unstable object that will challenge both your balance and stability. Get ready to practice some overhead movements including walks, squats, and snatches.

On Fridays, we’ll spend some quality time on our gymnastics skills including handstand holds (hopefully many of you will get to the point of trying to hold off of the wall), pistols, and plenty of core work.

Also, be on the lookout for special slackline days!

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