Introducing… Competition Team Training!

Some of you have been doing CrossFit for a while now and have started thinking about competition. Perhaps the Open got you fired up to see how far you can push yourself. Maybe you like to challenge fellow gym-mates on a WOD now and then (or every day). We’d like to start building up a team of people who train together in competition style WODs in order to better prepare ourselves and each other for local  throwdowns as well as the CrossFit Open and any other challenges we’d like to take on. We will be participating in this as well!

For whom is this a good fit?

This is a way for people who have about a year or more of experience, consistently RX wods, and are looking to be competitive to progress further. If you scale most workouts, I’d recommend waiting a bit, as these WODs will incorporate more challenging skills and weights than usual. (Scaling for competition WODs is not recommended.) If you would like to be called on when we are trying to fill teams for local throwdowns, it is highly recommended you attend these WODs as often as you can make it. If you have a goal of competing individually, this would also be a great asset to your training.

What will these WODs entail?

Look forward to practicing advanced skills, team-building, strategy, heavy lifting, and the occasional judged workout to keep you held accountable for your reps/form. These WODs will not be easy–but what fun would that be?!

When and where will Competition Team Training take place? 

We’ll start next Sunday, June 9th at 11am. These workouts will vary in length, so classes may run more than an hour some days. Occasionally we may meet at other locations for hill runs, track runs, etc., but for the most part, we’ll meet at the gym.

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